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Our website sucked! And we didn’t know it.

"It's just pretty pictures"

"I still don't know what you do"

"How does this help me?"

These were some of the hard to hear, but valuable comments we got from the amazing people in our network.

The best 3 feedbacks that helped us create a new one: 

Topher Morrison reminded us that “the fashion designers dress all in black so that they don’t outshine their work” so we adjusted our colors and presentation. 

Copywriter Kirsten Lajeunesse lent her expertise to help us strike the perfect tone with our words, emphasizing the importance of clarity and conciseness above the fold.

And a massive shoutout to the incredible team at Dent Global for their invaluable guidance, urging us to showcase testimonials, fine-tune our message, and elaborate on our processes and services. 

Who in your network has made a recent impact on you?

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