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with unlimited possibilities.
Adding layers of meaning and depth.

Animated segments can contribute to documentaries in the most creative of ways, adding layers of meaning and depth to engage audiences. 

Animation offers the freedom to portray scenes that may be challenging or impossible to capture with traditional filming. It brings abstract concepts, historical events or complex data to life, making them more accessible and memorable. 

We collaborate closely with directors, seeking the ultimate visual interpretation and seamless integration of animation within the film.

Animation is the dash of magic that will make your documentary stand out.

Paper Brain in the stop motion studio
Aisling Chin Yee

"You have brought a tremendous contribution to this film - thanks to your talent, your attentiveness, and your willingness to imagine and create the best possible animations considering the project - and I am extremely grateful to you for it."

Isabelle Raynauld, PhD

Director & Professor of Cinema at the University of Montreal

Project: Tuning the Brain with Music

Isabelle Raynauld

"See Creature went above and beyond to create innovative and unique ways to evoke sentiments and were a delight to work with during the entire process."

Aisling Chin-Yee
Producer & Director Fluent Films
Project: Synethesia


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