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Dale Hayward animating Vlad on Bone Mother

Our Process

Stop Motion Animation
See Creature is a full-service production studio providing YOU with hand crafted animation that leaves a lasting impression YOUR project deserves.
Our Projects have over 88,000,000 views! 

The See Creature Method

3 principles to bring your project to life


Breathing Life into Vision

At the heart of our See Creature method lies the principle of Anticipation. We understand that every exceptional film starts with a collaborative journey, and that's why we engage with you, the client, to uncover the essence of your vision.


Through careful discovery and preparation, we ensure that every element aligns with your creative vision. From the initial spark of inspiration to the comprehensive groundwork, this principle sets the stage for a production that captures the essence of the project, all with the charming touch of human craftsmanship.

Time Lapse of concept art


Time Lapse of TVFCU stop motion animation
Crafting Stories with Soul

Stop motion animation is a dance of physical artistry, and our Action principle celebrates the art of creation. With a focus on building meaningful connections, we design characters that resonate on a human level.


Our seasoned animators lovingly breathe life into your characters, creating animation that's not just visually stunning, but that also carries the weight of humanity. Through every captivating scene and the intricate construction of your story's world, we ensure your film speaks to the soul of your audience.


Evoking Emotion for Impact

The culmination of our See Creature method lies in the Reaction principle. As we deliver results-driven narratives, we also embed the story behind the production, capturing the journey of the production and artistry with BTS pictures and video. Our team will work closely with you to build a distribution and film festival strategy that ensures that your project resonates deeply with viewers.


Ultimately, our aim is to spark not just visual admiration, but a genuine emotional response that lingers, a testament to the timeless power of storytelling with a distinctly human touch.

TVFCU in resolve colour grade

By embracing these principles, we weave the threads of Anticipation, Action, and Reaction into a tapestry that transforms your vision into an enchanting stop motion masterpiece. 

The See Creature method isn't just about creating films; it's about crafting experiences that touch hearts and minds, infusing the art of stop-motion animation with the human touch and setting your film apart.

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Jose Luis Saturno

“Venturing into animation can be an overwhelming experience. I was lucky to count on See Creature, which proved to be a winning formula. Not only do they have the skill and experience, but also the empathy to deal with the day-day production challenges. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

José Luis Saturno
Writer and Director, Enjambre Hexagonal
Project: La Melodia Torrencial

"Everyone who has seen them is blown away. So grateful for this collaboration. Thank you Team See Creature!"

Drew Belz
Producer, Fancy Rhino
Project: TVFCU - A Place for All of Us
Drew Belz


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