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Dale Hayward animating on Bone Mother.

The Process

Delivering the finest film possible with a can-do attitude.

The See Creature Method.

3 principles to bring any project to life.


Breathing Life into Vision

Time to explore the best way to deliver your message and create a lasting impact. We’ll work with you to clarify the purpose and set expectations for a smooth production. 

- Determine goals, understand challenges

- Brainstorm options and ideas

- Schedule and deliverables confirmed

- Create a script if needed

- Create designs

- Create an animatic



Crafting Stories with Soul

Let’s get cracking! Every step of the way we maintain clear and open communication with you to align expectations, receive feedback and build trust. Teamwork makes great work, delivered on time and within budget.  Through every captivating scene and the intricate construction of the story's world, we ensure your film speaks to the soul of your audience.

- Find the perfect crew

- Get final dialogue/sound

- Fabricate sets and props

- Animate

- Rig removal

- Compositing


Evoking Emotion for Impact

The last steps of a project is where the magic happens, the details align and the excellence shines. Ultimately, our aim is to spark not just visual admiration, but a genuine emotional response that lingers, a testament to the timeless power of storytelling with a distinctly human touch.

- Colour Grading

- Quality Control

- Multiple versions

- Final delivery


More Questions?

Jose Luis Saturno

“Venturing into animation can be an overwhelming experience. I was lucky to count on See Creature, which proved to be a winning formula. Not only do they have the skill and experience, but also the empathy to deal with the day to day production challenges. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

José Luis Saturno

Writer and Director, Enjambre Hexagonal

Project: La Melodia Torrencial

"Everyone who has seen them is blown away. So grateful for this collaboration. Thank you Team See Creature!"

Drew Belz

Producer, Fancy Rhino

Project: TVFCU - A Place for All of Us

Drew belz


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