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Tim Hortons - The Art of Coffee 

Dale was asked by Alan Poon to animate on Common Good’s latest Tim Horton’s 1 minute spot. It was a really fun challenge to only work with coffee grinds and the best tool was surprisingly a single feather.

Chief Creative & Integration Officer: Brent Choi
Executive Creative Director: Paul Wales
Art Director: Andy Brokenshire
Copywriter: Jed Churcher
Head of Production: Pam Portsmouth
Account Team: Scott Miskie, Renee Ray, Cameron Stark

Directors: Alan Poon, Eric Malika, Robin Nishio
Animators: Dale Hayward and Evan Derushie
Animation Assistants: Kathy Shultz, Phil Eddolls
Production Assistants: Martin MacPherson, Francesca Cattaneo
Production Company: Common Good / Radke Films
Post-Production: Common Good / Alter Ego/ SAUCE
Production Editing House: Common Good / SAUCE
Production Music House: Grayson Matthews

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