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Renaissance - Changing Lives

Direction: Mathieu Renoult
Animation: Dale Hayward & Sylvie Trouvé
Lighting: Alex Nour Desjardin 
Art Direction: Mathilde Beaudoin-Tessier
Production: Gab Harvey Soma.
Colour: simon boisx

It’s always fun to work with Mathieu Renoult. The first time was for Keurig, but this time we went much bigger to illustrate the constant Change we all go through and how it reflects through our stuff. 

Mathieu did a great job of creating a very detailed animatic to keep the client Renaissance Quebec & the agency Forsman Boden aware of what the animation was going to look like. This was also very important for the Art Director, Mathilde Beaudoin-Tessier and her team to prepare all the items for us to animate under camera. 

Produced by Gabriel Harvey at the all-women led studio, Soma. It was our first on-site gig during Covid and we took all the precautions necessary in Christian Tremblay’s cool studio in the Lachine. 

But life has a way of keeping us on our toes. 

On day 2, the main 2K light blew, which never happens. Shortly after a replacement was found, it blew again!!  Then, once all the animation was all finished, the backup drive didn’t die just once, but twice!!

It was a big reminder to have backups for the backups! And never trust LACIE!

Check out the timelapse and shot comparison below!

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