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Hot Wheels x Megadrome series

Buckle up and welcome to the MEGADROME! Check out these action packed stop motion films we made for Mega Construx, Mattel, Inc. and Hot Wheels!

It’s been a whirlwind ride to make this production a reality and a lot of amazing beautiful hands were involved. Special thanks to:
Production Makers : Jonny Pottins, Hayley Brown, Danny Brown
Direction See Creature animation : Dale Hayward
Animation: Sylvie Trouvé, Payton Curtis, Laura Stewart, Anna Berezowsky, Andrew Sonntag, Chris Younes
Design: Shannon Hayward
Previs, Compositing: J-D Arauz
Set Fabrication: Corinne Merrell
Sound: Oso Audio
Mega Brands: Gavin Seal, Filipp Goussev, Maude Michaud, Philippe Massouh, Elise Duquette

Check back for more episodes and BTS!

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