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Bon Appetit

Ban Appetit


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Bon Appetit is a short animated mockumentary where animals are the consumers and humans are the food. Showcasing daily life around a city market; meaty conversations, flavourful antics and challenging taste buds are on the menu.


It’s a satirical reflection on our relationship with food and the countless diets and habits we have to keep our bellies full. 


Amongst different generations and social groups, food takes center stage as the protagonist. The local market is a place where the universal experiences of selling, sharing, and consuming food takes place. Interconnected stories featuring reocurring characters are linked together by commercials, protests, and social media. Together, they create a dynamic narrative that gives us food for thought.

Hope you're hungry!

The Loon-Taloon Market

The market is a bustling hub of activity, bursting with an appetizing mix of sights, sounds, and aromas. 

Each stall and store beckons with its own tantalizing experience, from the mouth watering aroma of sizzling hunk-steaks at Daisy's Bovine Family Farm to the whimsical charm of the local pet store; PeoplePets. It's an epicenter of excitement, boasting a dynamic array of offerings whether it's the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the Moose’s Bar & Grill, the irresistible temptation of fast-food delights at Humburgers, or the health-conscious haven, Beans not Beings. 

This is the place to be, where customers and merchants come together for meaty conversations and savory discussions.

Daisy, Bovine Family Farms

Daisy, a spontaneous, bubbly cow is proud to be handing out taste testers at their Bovine Family Farm stall. Photos of their prized show-hunks, hang under a banner that says “Tiny, but juicy weiners!” In the background a cheesy promotional video for the Bovine farm features bodybuilders working out. We hear “We breed only the finest Mikes, our beefsteaks are so well loved they are tickled to death”.

Mittens, the Kat lady

A chic and extravagant cat, Mittens can’t resist the free weiner samples. The samples disappear quickly as she shares bites with her 3 pets, Kathy, Katerina and Kathleen (dolled up beauty pageant children). She exclaims “Mmm mmm, it’s true you can really taste the emotion” as she walks away once more without buying… anything.


The brand new location of HUMburgers® has just opened! With the slogan “I’m eating it” they guarantee the biggest buns and patties of 100% real Man-Meat®. Flocks of Sheep are already lined up around the corner eagerly waiting to get into the fast-food franchise. The Fried-Folks® and Cheapo-Chico® wings have stirred up controversy among protestors due to concerns about their unhealthy processed meat content.

E.I.T. Protestors

The E.I.T. (Everything Is Terrible) movement consist of raccoons, seagulls, pigeons and other city animals. The Protesters have so much to be against that every hour it’s a new cause to fight for. Whether it’s disapproving of the Man-meat industry, demand for the return of the human economy or just pro-gluten, these aggressive rebels broadcast the harsh realities whether anyone likes it or not.


We interrupt this film with an ad!

Introducing Face Cakes! - the frozen pancakes that wake you up.


As the catchy jingle "Face cakes, Face cakes" plays, you can't help but feel your mouth water. Picture this: a stack of fluffy pancakes with a smiling face on top, exclaiming, "Taste so good!" Then, cut to an adorable puppy eagerly pleading, "I want one too, daddy!" Next, a friendly dog looks straight at the camera as he serves up a plate of Face Cakes to the delighted pup, declaring them a "nutritious way to start your day."


”Eat them all, each pack comes with a mystery expression” adding a fun surprise to your breakfast routine! 

Loud trumpets introduce Cheapo-Chico®. A boisterous Lucha Libre drenched in orange spicy sauce who growls at the camera. He quickly rips off the arms of another wrestler and shows them to the camera “Cheapo-Chico® wings!” Then the legs “Cheapo-Chico® drumsticks!” Then “Cheapo-Chico® breasts!” shoving the wrestler's muscular chest towards the camera. Logo explodes on screen Cheapo-Chico®! 


Fine print: “No wrestlers were harmed in the creation of this ad. Please enjoy Cheapo-Chico® brand products responsibly. Cheapo-Chico® brand is not responsible for death or injury caused by Cheapo-Chico himself.”

Deli Fresh
Dockside Divers

Across the market is a weathered Frog named O’Malley who owns the local diver-monger with his partner Jean-Jacques, an east-coast Lobster. They have all the fresh fins and filets of today's catch of scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers on ice. Enthralled by ‘The Scubahunter’ cooking show, they are plunged into a philosophical conversation about whether scuba divers are actually human.

Moose’s Bar & Grill

Thirsty? Come have a brew at Moose’s, owned and operated by the one and only, Moose. Celebrity hummie sports figures adorn the walls and playing on the tv is the annual Bill Hunt (middle aged men hunted in their natural habitat; the golf course). A Deer and an Elk are engaged in a beefy banter about justifying their carnivorous habits and take playful jabs at veganism.

Beans not Beings

Wander in, and you'll spot shelves packed with all sorts of oddball culinary finds, from quirky remedies like vomit pills for back pain to exotic treats like vitamin D 'cumquats'. A laid-back, but sharp-minded Rasta lion, is in the thick of it, helping a flustered pig on a mad dash for healthy holiday dinner ingredients. The conversation gets heated as they touch on topics ranging from dietary preferences to the perceived taste disparities influenced by socioeconomic status.


Is a pet lover's paradise, offering a vast selection of top quality children, premium pet foods and stylish accessories. The only problem is the customer service. A chaotic scene unfolds when a customer struggles to complete a simple transaction whilst a distracted cashier is obsessed with petting his darling Antonio (a hairy man) who is crawling back on forth across the counter.



Hummies: the general term for Humans. They’re food, pets and everything in between. 

Hunks: beefed up bodybuilders that have been proudly enhanced to make your mouth water. Their distinct “Heeey” can be heard throughout the farm.

Plumpies: in every way the opposite to the Hunks, including their rich taste and they are ready for harvest when their hair recedes.


Kats: an exotic variety of pet that resemble beauty pageant children. Kats are traditionally bred to keep their southern accent alive with their signature “Oh My”.


Barbs: ample and obedient, Barbs are providers of the nutritious white juice Hilk. Their native calls can range from “Excuse me” to “OMG!”

Technique and Style

A whimsical photo collage aesthetic will play a vital role in pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable with this subject matter. Proportions of the humans and animals will be exaggerated for comedic effect helping the harsh content to be more digestible and will emphasize the ridiculous. The aesthetic is a mashup of juxtaposed contemporary imagery, with a heavy dose of brand presence, resulting in something more absurd than imaginable.

Inspired by Creature Comforts and Monty Python's whimsical animation technique and political wit. It also takes inspiration from The Office for it’s camera work and awkward situations. And the Baroness Von Sketch show for its parody of our daily lives through sketch comedy.


The mockery of branding is an important aspect to this film. Just like in our modern world, corporations are very good at keeping customers in the dark about the food industry practices. These quick ads will be exaggerated reflections of the omnipresent advertisements and brands that surround our world today.

The dialogue will feel casual and candid, like they were recorded on location, that means improv will be an important element to the writing process to capture naturalistic conversations. 


Why this project?


It’s pretty obvious that people love animals and it’s clear that there’s a strong social and emotional connection to food. Whether it’s Vegetarian or Flexitarian, Paleo or Raw, Carnivore or Vegan, Low-Carb, High-carb, or Gluten-free. Consumers can choose whatever diet they want, but it’s easier than ever to get overwhelmed by it all. 

In recent years it has become glaringly obvious that our relationship with food and especially animals has to change; for the survival of our planet. But the answer isn’t an easy one, so blame is thrown every direction resulting in miseducation and resistance. We believe that real change doesn’t come from guilt, but from humour.


No one has all the perfect solutions, but we sure sound hilarious thinking we do.

Bon Appetit is an original film that aims to spark awareness of our food habits and empathy towards animals through comedy.

Interested to know more?

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